Monday, July 9, 2007

Chini Internet

Chini Internet?
No, it has got no reference to the flick Cheeni Kum.
Am talking about Internet in China(worlds 2nd largest Internet market)
Mark the letters in bold!
Yes-Internet is a huge market in China and there are some growing concerns over what is accessible on WWW in China. To put it straight- What is made accessible to the Chinese citizens by the Government. reports that the Photo Sharing website is not accessible to the Chinese consumers with no definite problem at the company's end. Is China blocking Flickr.Com ?
Another concern here could be for Google as Google Earth could show you China's New Ballistic-Missile!!
For all those of you thinking to enter the Chinese Internet Market, take a deep thought on what your business offers. If its something like , you have no reasons to worry....Get Going!!



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